Currently accepting violin students ages 5 - adult.

Morganne has ten years of experience teaching violin in a one-on-one setting to students of all ages. She holds teacher certification in Suzuki Books 1 - 10, training in the Dalcroze and Orff approaches, and mentored with Dr. Ann Setzer of the Juilliard pre-college.

Morganne is a flexible, innovative, and inquisitive educator, constantly self-evaluating and evolving based on individual student needs. Morganne incorporates the ideas of educators such as Dalcroze, Kodaly, Rolland, Steiner, Suzuki, and Zweig into her teaching. Morganne's violin students can expect a diverse approach featuring developmentally appropriate material providing technical skills, musicality, and music literacy. Young students are taught through lighthearted games and songs that provide a lot of repetition to build skills, while older students receive a more accelerated curriculum, systematically building skills and knowledge.


Through studying violin, students develop…

…an appreciation and enjoyment of music. The ability to express themselves through music. An artistic sense. Creativity. Responsibility, work ethic, and consistency. The ability to break down problems into manageable increments. The ability to collaborate with others. Empathy and compassion.


Are you considering violin lessons for yourself or your child?

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