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Let me tell you why this project is so important to me

In May of 2022 I discontinued a PhD program that I had been working towards for basically my whole life. My heart wasn't in it, and the environment was less-than ideal for me–I couldn't sleep, I had chronic migraines, and heightened anxiety. I had always wanted to be a yoga teacher as my "main gig," but ignored this desire, telling myself that teaching yoga "wasn't a real job" (CRINGE). What would my family say? What would my parents think? Who was I without that fancy career? 

I've really gone out of my comfort zone to find my sankalpa–my deepest purpose, my reason for being: Teaching yoga. I video recorded classes, I started teaching at a local yoga studio, and made tutorials on social media. And guess what? I sleep so well now, I have been headache free, and I am managing my anxiety really well! I feel like I have finally come home to myself. 

The Vinyasa Studio–an on-demand yoga program that I have been recording in my living room–represents my first act as a passionate, committed, yoga teacher. 

I can't wait to take you on this journey with me.