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How 31 Yoga Videos on YouTube Changed Me

mindset yoga practice youtube Feb 16, 2023
girl doing a yoga pose in a youtube video

Hey Yogis! 

Some of you know that the start of 2023 was completely transformational for me. January 2023 was when stopped my career as a violinist, educator, and academic, and went ALL IN as a yoga teacher. I did it because I realized that at my core I am a yogi who needs to help others by sharing yoga. Finally, in my 30s, I had recognized and honored my true calling. 

The year kicked off with 31 consecutive days posting on YouTube! The program is called "Five MInutes of Flow: Building a STRONG and CONSISTENT Yoga Practice in 2023." You can check out all 31 videos here.

I did it because I wanted to help people develop healthy movement habits and experience the power of yoga asana in manageable, bite-sized pieces. I figured that 5 minutes a day for a month would help build these habits. 

Before we go farther - have YOU practiced every day for five minutes yet? It's not too late to try. Get the videos here!

Posting every day in January was HUGE for me. What I wasn't expecting, was all the benefits that I ended up getting from this program: 

  • I became physically stronger. (I'm already strong - I was surprised that filming 5 minute classes every day would make a difference!)
  • I become more comfortable on camera! The first time I filmed a class, I made my husband AND my dog leave the house because I didn't want them to hear me teaching to the camera! I got better each time, becoming more "myself" on camera, and less nervous and shy. Now when I teach on camera it feels like where I am supposed to be! 
  • I put myself on YouTube publicly! Back when I was a violinist, I rarely put up videos. When I did post videos, I usually posted them as "private" so that I could control who saw them and only share the link with a few people. This was the first time that I really put myself out there in all of my imperfection. And guess what? My imperfection is perfect. 

Will practicing yoga for 5 minutes a day for 31 consecutive days change you like it changed me? Try it and see! I'd love to hear all about it!!! 


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