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16 Deep Core and Hip Flexor Drills that will help you develop strength to FLOAT

core yoga practice youtube Mar 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered how yogis seem to travel in slow motion when they jump back in sun salutations? 

The secret is in the core! Namely, deep core and hip flexor engagement and strength! 

I recently created a YouTube video (link) that outlines 16 exercises that, when practiced regularly, will lead to the strength and engagement needed to float back. 

In case you aren’t a YouTube learner, here are my suggested drills in blog form! 

I recommend repeating most of the exercises 10-30 times depending, on your level of fitness. Since there are SO MANY to choose from, you can try them all, or just pick and choose a few drills every day. Some of these drills are super basic, while others are advanced. If something is too difficult for you right now, practice the ones that you can successfully do and be patient with yourself while you build strength. If some drills are too easy, save yourself some time and skip them! 

1. Supine cat

2. Supine Cow

3. Heel glides

4. Hand/knee press

5. Single toe taps (modified scissor)

6. Scissor 

7. Double toe taps (bent knees)

8. Double scissor (extended legs)

9. Seated single leg lifts 

10. Seated double leg lifts

11. Cross-legged hip lifts (feet on the ground or lifted)

12. Lolasana lifts 

13. Lolasana hold

14. Standing bent knee leg lifts

15. Standing Extended Leg Lifts 

16. Extended Leg to Warrior 3 


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